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We are HK. based company and our factory locates in China DG. We design and produce our own high precision alcohol tester, electronic measuring instruments, Waterproof MP3/4 & other innovative products.

We have established our FiT brand name alcohol tester since 2003 and we have about 30 different models now.

* Professional alcohol tester FiT333/FiT240/FiT331/FiT239-Pro/239-LC/FiT233 and Breath alcohol ignition interlock devices BAIIDs (FiT228-LC) employ the most accurate and reliable Fuel Cell sensor.

BAIIDs is designed to prevent a driver from starting a car when his breath alcohol content (BRAC) at or above a preset alcohol level. These devices are currently being used in connection with sanctions for driving while intoxicated. FiT228 is designed to meet the official standard for EU countries & US market DUI, DWI Program.

* FiT333-color:  The world 1st  3.5: TFT color LCD Police law enforcement alcohol tester with build in printer & touch panel

 FiT158-FC/FiT178-FC Make use of our latest patented system, an affordable & compact size professional tester with accuracy tolerance +/- 0.005%BAC

* FiT239-LC:  low cost fuel cell breath alcohol tester for personal use.

* FiT303-FC:  The world 1st True color display coins operated alcohol tester which using patented replaceable Fuel cell sensor module, used in public area, restaurant, Pub & Bar...

* FiT239-color: The world 1st True color display with touch panel Fuel Cell alcohol tester.

* Alcohol tester watch AAT188-Plus, the world 1st patented alco watch gives you the digital reading of you breathe alcohol concentration.

* AAT101 the world 1st true color alcohol tester with touch panel feature and printer interface. It complies US DOT and most other countries¡¦ accuracy standards.

* AAT198 Already Passed the US DOT test.

 Manufacturer of Breathalyzer, Breathalyser, Alcohol Tester, BAIIDs, Fuel cell Alcohol tester, Alcohol Interlock, Alcolock, BAIIDs, DUI, DWI

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Director: Ricky Pang     Tel: (852) 3106 0190     Fax: (852) 3110 4887     Email: sales@aap.com.hk